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MDSF is a Saudi Arabian privately owned company located in Rabigh, Makkah region. The company started in 2012, with a state of the art venue and machinery. Providing the local and global markets with halal confectionery was the principal impetus of the project.

MDSF is a leading manufacturer of confectionery in MENA region specialized in Jellies, Licorice and Marshmallows. Since its start, it had the determination of making highest quality of products using only top quality ingredients from world leading suppliers to cater for the world market. MDSF invests large resources to maintain a continuous flow of improvements in the quality of its products to meet the different requirements of each client.

Is a Saudi company.


To provide and maintain Excellency in product quality, to explore and innovate and adapt to new market trends. The core value and main motto is attain customer satisfaction and make life sweeter everyday.


To become world leader and most loved brand for halal confectionery products